"Awaken your avatar from within to join the story."

"Awaken your avatar from within to join the story."

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We are cybernetically enhanced freedom fighter chosen and protected by the Great Chain. Our mission is to complete the STEM based challenge blocks, defeat the Ancients and usher in a new decentralized future.

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The Cryptoteens Universe

The GReat Chain

The Ancients

The earliest known mystical beings hoarding the knowledge and power of the old world for thousands of years.

After a dark premonition one of the Ancient leaders shifted all thought from evil and was awakened to a better world. They travelled deep into the ether searching for the answer.  Somewhere further than the unknown the “Good Ancient” sacrificed their soul to create the great chain. Sparking the beginning of the new decentralized future.

The Great Chain


Also known as the Chariot of Change rises from the ashes of the old world.

Known as the most powerful technology ever created, the chain is fueled by the positive soul of the Good Ancient and is the creator of the Crypto Teens freedom fighters. Its power and reach are still unknown as it begins to receive the completed challenge blocks and connect to the entire world.

The Old School


Everything was lost in order for a chance at a better world.

When the Great Chain was first brought into existence by the good ancient its development needed a colossal amount of energy. This sparked a techno calamity so destructive that it almost left no trace of the old world. Leaving behind a dystopian landscape that forced those left behind to rebuild.

The Great Chain

The Outer Edge

The world has changed and new environments were formed as the Great Chain took shape.

A new frozen region of the world came to be as the Great Chain began reshaping the world around us. To supports its mission to become stronger and more aware it started to creates landscapes that could support the different challenge blocks.

The Great Chain

The Forest Realm

The old forest landscapes are now enhanced by the Great Chain.

To support the Biology challenge blocks sent out by the Great Chain, the forest areas of earth were digitally enhanced. A stronger connection to the core DNA of the living structures allows the Crypto Teens to activate their role within the biosphere.

The Great Chain

The Utopia

The future world designed by the Great Chain to support all life on earth.

A beautifully harmonies world where decentralization is rooted in all of societies important systems. One where digital and natural coexist to support all living things and where the ancients no longer hold control. It’s the future that the good ancient saw and the one we all needed.

The Great Chain

The Cave

The Crypto Teens awaken after 200+years in incubation.

The Crypto Teens demo begins inside of the once high school turned cave after the landscapes of earth were dramatically changed by the power of The Great Chain.

The Challenge Block

When the Great Chain was created it spread millions of unique challenge blocks around the world designed to help its growth overtime. Each block is focused on an essential element the Great Chain needs to empower the new digital nation. STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math). The Crypto Teens need your help to complete the blocks before the Ancients take back control.

The Ancients - Anax3


Winged deities of the SKY

The three most powerful Ancients. The first to see, the second to feel and the third to deceive. They are the ones moving civilization and must be stopped. From the ashes of power Ahmun “The One” rises like a phoenix to become The Great Chain. It has already chosen you to help build a better world. Will join the others and discover your destiny?

The Crypto Teens Characters


The Nerd

The unexpected main hero with a superpower mind that can solve the most multiplex problems in the world. But he isn’t yet confident enough to realize the strength within.


The Athlete

The dynamic leader and powerhouse strong enough to outshine those three times her size and fast enough to adapt to any challenge.  While helping to lead the Crypto Teens to a better world she is held down by her past.


The Cheerleader

The thoughtful motivator with flair and style that can make any obstacle look good. His influence can breakdown the most complex challenge blocks while empowering others.


The Artist

The unstoppable maestro who is creative enough to design multiple solutions to the world’s most dynamic challenges. She can manifest physical forms from her mind and bring them to life.


The Stoner

The profound resolver with unmatched patience and the mindfulness of a wizard. He can see overcome obstacles from any perspective.

who will you become?

Create your own custom avatar to join the story.

Create your Identity

Choose a primary and secondary personality trait to create your identity. Customize your cybernetic look then enter the Dressing Room to finalize your own Crypto Teen.

The Genesis Collection

Uniquely categorized and randomly generated summary clothing cards for your future Crypto Teens avatar.

Given labs

Digital ownership for all of your in-game assets – Keep them, trade them or sell them

Enhanced reward mechanisms that allow you to play, learn, earn and give in one game

Innovative security and networking to provide cutting edge systems for a better experience